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Chris Phipps started Phipps Construction LLC as a fully-licensed and fully-insured general contractor in 1996 specializing in Custom Built Homes, Commercial Building Projects and Remodeling. Born and raised in Ashe County, NC, Chris leaned invaluable knowlege about the construction business while working along side his two brothers Jamie and Tracy with their father Danny. In addition, Chris is also a licensed septic system installer, and works closely with several long-time associates who can provide electrical and plumbing services, interior design services, and anything else your heart desires. From grading the land, to pouring the foundations, through building and finishing the complete structure, Chris can also see your project through to the final stages of seeding and landscaping.

Whether you’re looking for a custom built home, starting a commercial building project or remodeling an existing structure, no job is too big or too small for Phipps Construction. He loves to look back on a completed construction project knowing that he “built that place.” Even more important is his desire to make homeowners and business owners satisfied and happy with his work. Chris knows that the homes and commercial businesses he builds today will last for years to come. As he says, the structures he creates are “like leaving a wonderful legacy for future generations to appreciate.”

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